A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity.Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Children came dressed as Krishna and Radha. The little Krishnas and Radhas looked adorable in their traditional costumes. They made and wore peacock feather head-gears and decorated matkas and flutes. The Pre-primary was decorated colorfully with Jhankis depicting the birth place of Lord Krishna and Krishna Jhoola. Children celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy. The entire area was transformed into a land of joy and happiness.The little Krishnas and Gopis transformed the entire stage into Vrindavan.
The tiny tots enjoyed breaking the dahihandi. Students presented a dance – ‘MaiyaYashoda’ depicting the childhood of Lord Krishna’s life, especially his playful self as ‘Makhanchor’ to the gopies. Playing the flute and sharing laughter and cheer amongst friends, the fun clad event consisted of several entertaining competitions and games. The pre-primary teachers performed a small skit depicting the strong bond of friendship of Krishna and Sudama. The soul touching dance performance enthralled the tiny tots. Students were shown a short animated movie on the birth of Krishna. The day came to an end on a happy note when the little Radhas and Krishnas went back home with happy memories of the day.