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At the age of three

We all were set free

From the hands of our loving guardians

Saw the face of school for the very first time

Tears burst out and we all started crying

Reluctant to leave our mother’s hand

We all had to go into a new land,

Day by Day six hours apart from our homes

We started making friends

Everyday dresses in our pretty uniform

We learnt great things

Right and Wrongs

Do’s and Don’ts

Which added up to our personalities

Today, fully grown

Till the age of 10 we learnt many values

Which we still remembers

And follow them as own suits

We love our students

Slowly and gradually they are increasing

With our increasing responsibility

After attempting many exam

Today we have finally reached 10th standard

We are now fifteen

And stress is extreme

But like we managed years before

When we were three

We’ll manage again and set ourselves

From the comfort of life till now

Into the state of another difficult

And Interesting journey.