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Science club helps in the development of scientific attitude, and develop genuine interest in science and scientific activities, supplements the work of the classroom and the laboratory.The purpose of Science Club is to promote interest in science among all students. We hope to spread both interest and knowledge to students and their families by making Science Club a fun, welcoming environment where science is relevant and useful. We hope to develop and expand the critical thinking and problem solving skills among the students who participate in the Science Club.

Non-formal mode of education is an organized activity which can be modified in a number of forms and methods depending on the requirements of the learner. Our classroom teaching does not provide opportunity for self expression, constructive activities and independent enquiry. No time is assigned for practical work.Science Club helps inculcatescientific attitude and genuine interest in science and also supplements the work of the classroom and gives the syllabus a practical dimension.It is a fact that we can learn and remember things better if we do it and practice rather than just read them. This basic principle is involved in the formation of “Science Clubs” meant for ‘learning by doing’.

Children have the tendency to make things, break things and handle things on their own but the conventional system of education does not allow them to do so. Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. In the classrooms, the students work formally and restrict themselves to the school curriculum. Whereas in science clubs, there are no restrictions and the students can work on their own ideas with full freedom.Science clubs channelize the energies of students and make use of their skills and talents, which satisfy their instincts and urges and helps in developing their overall personality. Science clubs work in association with classroom instruction of science subjects. Science Club bridges in-school and out-of-school learning and fosters the development of skills, such as experimentation, critical thinking, and problem solving. By giving members a supportive environment to explore science, we are also building more confident learners and educators.