Extramarks digital classrooms have undeniably become the most effectively used learning solutions in a short span of time. Due to the innovative approach, layered structure and pedagogy, it has been awarded and appreciated at different forums. Extramarks Smart Classes have exposed the students to 21st century teaching-learning environment. By amalgamating state-of-the-art infrastructure and professionally developed content, Extramarks virtual Classes transform the conventional classrooms to an advanced student-centric online learning environment. The learning solutions are created by highly experienced teachers with illustrious teaching background. Extramarks is currently present in more than 8,000 schools across India and Abroad.

Extramarks Learning Solutions for classrooms includes:

  • Smart Learning Modules
  • Mind maps
  • Formative discussions and High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Discussion Platforms
  • Virtual Labs
  • Assessment Centre
  • Interactive Concept Adventure with Animations
  • Game-based Support Activities
  • Test

Extramarks is a holistic education solution for school students. It enables schools which have the motivation to digitize their school, to make their classrooms equipped with technology. The pedagogy developed and used by extra marks is engaging, child centric and focused on the overall development of the child. Apart from digital content, extra marks also runs virtual labs and assessment centers in schools.

Smart Learn Class is the premier tool of Extra Marks. It merges the digital content developed by experts with the state of the art hardware technology for classrooms to ensure each student learns at par with international standards.

Smart Learn Class has two components – Hardware Technology and Teaching Content and Pedagogy. Technology Classroom solutions helps schools to equip their classrooms with state of the art hardware.

Smart Interactive boards


Sound system




All other net-work hardware

Smart Learn Class has developed the unique Smart Learn modules which are delivered through the teaching content and pedagogy. The curriculum of the school is mapped to the content provided by Smart Learn Class, making lives easier for the teachers. In addition, the curriculum is mapped to CBSE, ICSE/ISC and State Boards. The Smart Learn Modules have 4 different levels:

1. Basic Concepts

2. Understanding Concepts

3. Application of Concepts

4. Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

The modules are different for K-5 and 6-12. For K-5, the Smart Learn Class program uses fun worksheets, phonetics, mind games, etc. For higher classes, it uses group quizzes, MCQs, formative and summative discussions based on HOTS