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Good Morning everyone. Today we are celebrating the 5th International Yoga Day. International Day of Yoga was celebrated throughout the world for the first time on 21st of June in 2015. The declaration was made after the call by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in the United Nations General Assembly on 27th of September in 2014 during his address to the UN General Assembly. Yoga is known for its amazing health benefits. The 1st International Yoga Day was celebrated with gusto around the globe but the site at Rajpath, Delhi was one of its kind. The yoga fever continued and the second and third international yoga day also saw people participating in large numbers. There are numerous yoga asans that work on different levels to help us live a healthy wholesome life. We must try all asanas and pick the ones that are truly meant and suitable for us.Yoga enables the unity of mind, body and soul. Different forms of yoga benefits our physical and mental health in different ways. International Yoga Day is celebrated to rejoice this unique are. Itn is believed that it was the Indus -Saraswati civilization in the Northen India that initiated this brilliant art as many as 5000 years ago. It is the Rigveda that is said to have mentioned this term for the first time. However the first systematic presentations of yoga is said tobe done by patanjali in the classic period. It is a matter of pride for Indians that our ancient art of keeping the mind and body fit has been accepted & appreciated worldwide. India is a land of several such treasures & we are glad to have shared one of the best among them with the world.