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“Nothing gets transformed in your life until your mind is transformed.” Keeping this thought in mind and to ensure the progress of the school, it is imperative to keep the teachers well-versed with the changing trends in education and their respective subjects. As part of this endeavor, all the teachers of Jaipuriar School attended Collaborative Teachers Enrichment Programme during the month of May.


The two hour session everyday was to make the teachers understand the need of introspecting and reflecting on what exactly is the role and purpose of teachers in the school, so as to make the functioning of the school more effective.

The teachers were elaborated with the set of techniques that help in managing stress more effectively in the STRESS MANAGEMENT Workshop conducted by Principal Ma’am Dr Rashmirekha Saha. She also enlightened the teachers how to deal with the Adolescent students and to improve their EI by conducting workshops on ADOLESCENT EDUCATION and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.


The other topics which were covered in the workshops conducted by the Coordinators, Counsellor and teachers of the School were Values Education, Effective Communication, Classroom Management, Gender Sensitivity, Enhancement of activities in Preprimary and Primary Section, Tools to enhance Presentation, School Bullying, Different ways technology improves education, Role of Parents and teachers in Children’s education, Importance of Nutrition in daily life.


Tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest and infectious killer. Every day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives globally to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease. Global efforts to combat TB have saved millions of lives and over the years have reduced the TB mortality rate by 42%.

Since this disease is transmittable easily,you may get TB fromyour colleagues, people who work in your homes and offices, coaching classes,schools,public transport etc. It can be life threatening. It is in your interest to increase your awareness about TB. India has the highest number of TB patients and maximum number of MDR TB patients in the world.

Awareness in young generation in particular is of vital importance in combating tuberculosis. To assess the knowledge of tuberculosis among its students, Jaipuriar school organised a Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign in its school premises on 13 September2019.This campaign was conducted in association with Dr MukhulThorat,Mr R Radhakrishnan,President of Shreeram Memorial Trust and Mrs LalithaRadhakrishan.

The session started with a formal welcome by the School Coordinator Mrs HemaArora.Dr Mukhul made the students aware about the menace of TB through a presentation. After the presentation the floor was opened for questions. Dr Mukhul helped the students by answering all their queries regarding the disease. The students too impressed the guest of honour by answering all his questions on this subject.

It was an interesting interactive, informative session with the students .Dr Mukhul advised the students “TB is no longer a poor man’s disease. Please take it seriously. Spread the message-for your sake, for the sake of your family and for the sake of our society”

Principal Dr RashmirekhaSahaexpressed her gratitude to the Guests for conducting such an important campaign to create awareness among the students as it’s a vital need to take immediate action and stop the spread of this disease.


BPCL had conducted an interactive session with the students of XI and XII on RTE.Students interacted with the speakers and cleared their doubts .It was a very informative session.


BPCL had conducted an interactive session with the students of XI and XII on RTE. Students interacted with the speakers and cleared their doubts. It was a very informative session.


Lecture by income tax department was delivered in Std X. They informed students about need of tax, how tax are helping in developing a nation, responsibilities of citizensetc. Session proved to be very helpful for the students.