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Chairman's Message


"Vidya Amrutashnute'. As simply explained by the Founder ma'am, Jaipuriar School's vision highlights that knowledge is immortal and imperishable, and once gained cannot be detached from oneself.

As per the Sanskrit shlok, any education and experience, academic or non-academic, once consumed will continue to reap benefits by adding further knowledge and enlightening our future path.

In this era of increased connectivity across the world and exchange of constant knowledge, we are increasing become One as global citizen Thanks to the internet, an idea or message can be discussed and formed between people across the globe while sitting at different geographic locations and time zones.

At Jaipuriar School, aur aim is to foster our students in perfect harmony with being a global citizen and, to learn academic and non-academic knowledge in the likes of critical thinking, innovation, leadership and, team-work. This is taught through academic books, extra-curricular activities in the like of debates and public speaking, seminars by successful and highly driven people, counselling by career counsellors and college professors, understanding failures as a steppingstone to success, be updated with the latest technologies through Innovation Lab, participation in Annual Day, expert coaching for sport activities, and educational trips.

As you would know, children have immense potential. Not only are they key observers but they are quick learners and are willing to perform for in the words of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam-'For all your days prepare and meet them ever alike; When you are the anvil, bear - When you are the hammer, strike." We at Jaipuriar School prepare students by providing them a platform and handhold them where necessary to explore their potential; thereafter, have the brave mindset to be able to venture out on their own once they attain age.

The Covid pandemic has only reinstated the thought in our minds. For to ensure our students education did not get impacted, my sincere appreciation to the hard work of the Principal, coordinators, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and not at all the least, to our STUDENTS The applause by the parents to the online teaching and online activities like Annual Day, only deeply ingrained our belief in the correct education being provided by us.